Waterfall Wall Mural

10'W x 12'H


Through acrylic and oil paints, I aim to inspire a sense of peace and tranquility to all of my murals, resulting in an aspect of calm and relaxation to any indoor or outdoor space.

When you commission a wall mural from me, I will first set up a free consultation to review your artwork subject preferences, space specification and budget allocation. I have composed pieces measuring up to 25' W x 10'H in size, and can work with you to create a beautiful mural on your dedicated space.

Once I've drafted a preliminary drawing and gain your approval, I will take actual measurements of you dedicated space and establish a working schedule to complete your mural.


          Please contact Lupe directly to schedule a free consultation


 Please contact Lupe directly for pricing 

Also available in Giclee, Hand-Painted Reproduction or Postcards

Jonathan Dickenson State Park

Oil on Canvas

Claranet Player

Oil on Canvas

Portraits :

People, Animals, Interiors

I love creating portraits that capture the real-life beauty of my subjects, whether people or animals. They eternalize one day, one moment, one expression, that last a lifetime.

Commissioned portraits, of your children, family or pets, make perfect keepsakes or gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  They can be made in your desired size and customized to your liking.

                           Please contact  Lupe directly for pricing 

     Also available in Giclee, Hand-Painted Reproduction or Postcards

Often I'm inspired by the little things in life. Things that many take for granted, like the innocence of a child quietly playing alone, or animals in their natural habitat. Sketching these images helps me capture the beauty of that moment, which at times I will also then convert it to a portrait. These are the original sketches of my artwork.

These sketches are pencil, oil  or pastels on 8" x 10" art paper, but can be  reproduced in the size of your choice.

 Please contact Lupe directly for pricing

Girl at Play

Pencil Sketch on Paper

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