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About the Artist

Guadalupe (Lupe) ​ Lawrence

At the age of six, I saw the painting "Hay Wain" by John Constable, and was mesmerized. I recall sitting for hours and staring at the painting while tears rolled down my face. I thought, "This is so beautiful." It was in that instant that I knew I wanted to be an artist, to create artwork that would stir up the emotions in others that "Hay Wain" had stirred up in me.

During high school, I began to express my artistic desire, but was quickly discouraged by an art teacher who told me that I did not have the talent to make it as an artist. My passion for art sat dormant for many years, due to those crushing words from one individual.

It wasn't until a crisis, later in life, that left me feeling empty and I began to search my soul to ask, 'what's going to make me happy?' 

Remembering my childhood dream, of being an artist, I picked up the paintbrush and began taking classes at Covenant School of the Arts.  Soon after, due to the love and nourishment of my art teacher, I discovered that I did indeed have talent!

My Inspirations:

Fascinated by the contrasts made by light and shadows, I was inspired to begin painting impressionist and modernist pieces. Most of my paintings are serene and evoke a sense of peace amidst our chaotic lives. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums such as pastels on silk and wood, turpentine with color pencil, and natural gemstones such as rubies and sapphires.

Misty Mountains

Oil on Canvas

First Painting that I Sold

The first art show I ever did was in Old School Square in Delray. I was so excited to be showing with Barbara Cheives, Kianga Jinaki, and Anthony Burks. I remember looking around and thinking, "OMG, this will be good. I can't wait to return to the office and tell my co-workers." Imagine my excitement when I sold this piece. That night after running into the house and telling my husband, I could not sleep because I was bubbling up with excitement. That following Monday, I treated three of my co-workers for lunch, and they all said one day we will say, "We knew her when." I have lost touch with those co-workers but that luncheon will stay engraved in my memory.

My Artistic Statement

The World is Your Oyster

Oil on Canvas

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