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Artist Statement

The artist’s body of work is mainly influenced by nature, the artist is inspired by how light causes colors to change, and the length of shadows is dependent on the time of day.  The artist is fascinated by how paint can be manipulated to form texture, form and how color can make a perception of depth.  

The artist is also influenced by historical painters and how they used pigment to create vibrancy and texture in oil paint.   The artist uses a limited palette that includes no more than four colors.  The artist also uses cold wax medium, calcium carbonate, and acrylic encaustic.  Not being limited to canvas; but the artist also paints on wood, silk, metal, gold leaf, rag paper, mirror, mirror paper and ceramic tile. 

Through the artist landscape paintings, the artist wants to bring awareness to the fragility of nature. Hopefully, the viewers of the artist’s paintings will see the importance of preserving this beautiful planet we inhabit. 



My name is Lupe Lawrence; I was born in Havana, Cuba.  When I was five years old, my family and I moved to Palm Beach County, and lived in my aunt’s house.  In her living room, hanging above her sofa, I saw the painting Haywain by John Constable and began to cry, immediately I knew that I wanted to be an artist.  I wanted to evoke the same emotions in others as the painting had produced in me.

I told my mother that I wanted to go to art school, and because we had just come from Cuba, we did not have the money to go, and she persuaded me to forget about my desire. When I entered high school, I took my first art class and felt as if I had come home. I told my teacher that I wanted to pursue an art career.  She told me that I did not have what it took to go to college. Deflated, I was persuaded not to follow my inspiration to become an artist. It would take a crisis in 1995 for me to remember my desire for art, and I began taking classes at Conveniant School of the Arts headed by Robert Watler.  Through his instruction and my perseverance, I began exhibiting professionally in 2002.  I have since shown in England, South and North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Jersey and throughout Florida. 

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